Regional Development Agency "Donbass"

According to James O'Toole has a lot of reasons why people resist change. 33 of them he gives in his book, "Leading Change: the argument of leadership based on values." Every person is different and everyone has their own reasons for resistance. It is entitled "Managing Change" were devoted to training in Thorez (25.06.2013) and Zhdanovka (26.06.2013) How to understand the reasons why people avoid change, how to learn to accept change, how to adapt their behavior to the tasks for changes in any sphere of life, how to help others make changes, how and where to find resources to address the fears generated by the upcoming changes, how to find its place in the process of change. All these questions could be answered participants training of specialists in the APP "Donbass"


May 30 for the villagers from Mnohopillya and Chervonosilske were trained on the "Internet as a means of communication"


25 May 2013 Villagers in Chervonosilske were trained "From subsistence farming to farming"


21.05.2013 in the village of Mnogopolle training on the theme "Effective communication" was held. This training was aimed at improving the communication of people and present their organizations in the external environment through the use of new information tools.


1 and 18 April 2013 in Torez and Jdanovka specialist agency consulted with social project management.

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