Regional Development Agency "Donbass"

Regional Development Agency "Donbass" organized a "Workshop", "Poverty Reduction Support, experience and results" on the results of the project "Overcoming poverty by improving the living environment, community members and influence communities", which was implemented with the support of the Swedish Cooperation Center (SCC) and the Swedish Agency for International Development Cooperation (SIDA). "Workshop" was held on January 31 and February 1, 2013 in a hotel complex "Hutorok"


In December 2012 in Zhdanovka and Thorez coaches RDA held a series of trainings on entrepreneurship for people, wanting to do business activities.


Training on Conflict was also held in Torez 11/12/2012 for representatives of different territorial communities of the city. Topic was relevant to them. As was said by the participants: "In areas often have conflicts of different nature and they have to decide" Most participants in the conflict is not associated with the problem, and with the negative, stress, aggression.


10 and 14 December 2012 . in villages and Mnogopole Chervonoselskoe specialists agency conducts training "From conflict to negotiation" of the conflict in the village are different from the conflicts of urban residents. Here emotions overflowing and sometimes conflicts do not end for years, and go into remission with any convenient excuse erupt again.


28 / 11 /2012 in Donetsk was held training "strategy of promoting services and PR-activities for NGOs" The training was attended by the employees of the Agency and the representatives of practical territorial communities "Aleksandrinovka" (Dokuchaevsk), "Mnogopole" (s.Mnogopole ), "The Gift" (Torez, Rassipnoe).

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