Regional Development Agency "Donbass"

2 1/ 1 1/2012 in the city of Donetsk, the hotel complex "Hutorok", with the participation of the coordinator of Inga-Lill Hammer (Swedish Cooperation Center) and the evaluator of project Inna Bayda (Kiev) conducted a training seminar "The Path to Development: step by step " . "The event was attended by representatives of practical territorial communities' Chervonoselskoe "," Mnogopole "," Alexandrinka "(Dokuchaevsk)," Spring "(Dokuchaevsk)," The Gift "(p.Rassypnaya, town of Torez)," Uspenka "(s.Uspenka) Gromada "Pershetravneva" (Donetsk), community residents "Vesta" (town of Torez) and members of the RDA "Donbass". In the process have been described and analyzed the problems that exist in the territories today. Representatives from each community spoke about how they are addressing these issues, which social projects implemented. Also, the participants were able to see the presentation of evaluation of the project "Overcoming poverty through the improvement of living conditions of community members and influence communities," which produced Inna Bayda and discussed plans for community activities in the future.


11/19/2012 in Torez coaches Agency conducted training on "Development of business initiatives." The motive for this training was the desire of people to find additional income by using their skills and experience. The group was very active. Participants performed tasks quickly.


14.11.2012 in the village Rassipnoe for members of practical territorial community "The Gift" was held training "Development of business initiatives." In the village no jobs and their creation in the near future is not planned. Women, therefore, of which the group was interested in self-employment and a source of additional income for their families. In carrying out individual tasks "Which service would you like to earn money?" Participants, talking about their skills, are the following: cooking, baking, knitting, sewing, trading skills. But there were those who would like to develop their organizational skills .


6 November 2012 in village Mnogopole, evaluator of the project Inna Bayda met members of the territorial community "Mnogopole." The meeting was attended by Chairman of the village council - Irina Opihaylenko. Communication took the form of questions and answers. The next meeting of the project evaluator with the participants of Torez was 7 November 2012 . Consultation was held in the building of the Executive Committee of the City Council of Thorez. Participants included representatives of the community, "North", community activists tenants "VESTA" as well as the city council secretary Joan Murmalka. Examined various aspects of cooperation with RDA "Donbass", as individual communities and the city as a whole. 8 November 2012 Inna Bayda spoke with community activists «Pershetravneva».




29 - 31 October 2012 in Donetsk, at the hotel "Hutorok" for members of the Regional Development Agency "Donbass" and representatives of practical territorial communities Thorez, Donetsk, Debalcevo , Mnogopole and Chervonoselskoe been trained "Strategy development RDA" Donbass " During the training the participants analyzed their target groups and their needs, develop a vision of the organization, its mission and strategic direction, and how to make SWOT-analysis of the organization, based on which items were developed by the strategic plan of overcoming the threats, determine the competitive strength . Result of the training was the draft of a "Strategy of the Regional Development Agency" Donbass "2012-2017.

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