Regional Development Agency "Donbass"

27.10.2012 - in the village Olhovatka practical meeting was held "My initiative to solve the key problem of area" in the open space form. The event was a discussion and work in groups to reach an understanding that the key regional problems can be solved by association of people to PTC and the collective participation of each citizen in addressing existing social problems.


26. 10.2012 – in Rassypnaya (f Torez) conducted a training “Time management” and how to effectively manage your time "within the project" Overcoming poverty through improved habitat of community members and influence communities. " The purpose of training - to develop the skills of the participants to manage their time to improve the efficiency of outputs. The training participants were members of the local territorial community "gift" from the village of Loose. The training was designed so that each participant answered his own question: what time means to me and how well I use it in my work.


08.10.2012 in the village Olhovatka was held a practical meeting with the school asset and conduct on open space form, as well as the arrangements for organizing and raising awareness in the area. During the practical meeting of students was formed an initiative group to inform and attract residents to participate in the practice of the meeting, "My initiative to solve the key problem area" in the form of open space.


05/10/2012 in Krasny Luch was been train ing "Creation and development of socially-oriented organizations." The purpose of the training was to introduce the participants of the main approaches in understanding the development of organizations and identify areas of potential growth for organizations. Many of the participants had a certain pessimism about the significance and necessity of such organizations. And as well as the role of these organizations in the ability to solve the key problem areas.


I n the village Sofiyivka (Krasny Luch) 24 September 2012 . was reading training on "Revitalization of the population in order to improve the environment." The participants were residents of the village, the employees of the executive committee quarterly. People were not particularly motivated to participate in the training. Their expectations, respectively, were rather vague, they felt no interest. Participants were shackled, locked. Coaches had to make considerable effort and use different tools to stir, "force" to think and work group. Participants excitedly discussing existing problems in the village.

The main problems of their territory they carried:

• Garbage natural landfills;

• The passivity of the population;

• Not enough drinking water quality;

• Stray animals;

• Low fertility, high mortality (born on 38 - 120 dead);

• Poor quality of roads;

• Lack of local cultural holiday.

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