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10 September 2012. in the training village Mnogopolle "Preparation for Exhibition" was attended by 12 residents of the village, 11 of them are owners of cows. The family of each of them for 2-3 heads of cattle (cows, heifers, bulls). All participants believed that the fair only to organized the peasants could sell their products. The fact that this event can be found standing partner to conclude long-term contracts, no thought. After discussing the goals exhibition, participants realized that presenting their wares at the event, which will be invited not only ordinary citizens, but also representatives of different trade networks, they can all come together to pass these networks their products: milk, cream, cheese, butter oil. But the peasants were various doubts. They were associated with the feasibility of participation in the exhibition, the ability to realize all represented perishables.


In the course of training, which is held for future trainers and organizers, were included training on gender issues . This is due to the fact that most of the work in areas ranging from the organizational, ending the practice, is largely carried out by women. This training was read in Torez 21/08/12 . The group was very active, all the exercises are performed with enthusiasm. Having dealt with the concepts of sex and gender, participants went to work in small groups on the compilation of portraits of typical men and women. The conclusion of the exercise was done as follows: "All these qualities may belong equally to both men and women. Of education in the family and the environment depends on the formation of male and female character. "The participants created a list of recommendations for conflict resolution and for women and men. For homework parties to hold discussions with their families, to identify the views of their relatives, and to hold online discussions in their communities.


August 8, once again, the experts of the Agency came to Krasny Luch . The purpose of this visit was to read a training on "Diagnosis of territory" in Vakhrushevo. This workshop was held to allow people to see the opportunity to learn how to solve the social problems of the city through the association's own efforts, through the creation of practical territorial communities. The group was divided into three subgroups, each of which has created a map of the settlement, which allowed them to better see all the flaws and problems of their territories.


August 7 in Torez a training "Effective implementation of assembly." Agency for the fourth time reading training for future trainers of this city. This time, participants were able to meet the criteria of efficiency of assembly, considered the main stages and the right to assemble. It was also set aside some time to consider such an important topic as criticism. Participants analyzed the effectiveness of different forms of criticism, met with ways to use it.

Summing up the training, the participants said:

"Despite my extensive experience in conducting meetings, I was able to get a new nuance",

"I saw some of their mistakes,"

"I will make better use of criticism."


10.07.2012 in Thorez a second training for future trainers on "Effective Communication ". The participants presented their individual homework. On large sheets, they prepared an analysis of various educational forms used in training: brainstorming, mini-lecture, small group work, pair work, role play, individual work, questioning. All participants will be noted that each was able to organize their knowledge, get new information for themselves and to work out effective communication skills. Summing up the training, participants said that they could use the knowledge and skills to work in an area with colleagues, relatives, strangers, with customers.

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