Regional Development Agency "Donbass"

June 21 in the village Olhovatka peoples have been trained "From conflict to negotiation." During the training, participants were asked to work in small groups on the current conflicts in the community. For the organization of the TCP "Olhovatka" a very important moment in the solution of the conflicts will be positioning itself as an organization of people working assets, aimed at improving quality of life. And then through the communication of people negative situations will find meaningful solutions.


19/06/2012 a training "Future my village" in the village Mnogopole.  These were the people who attended almost all training, conducted by the Agency for Regional Development "Donbass" in the village. The purpose of the training was to touch up farmers to think about the future of their village, to consider possible measures to create its attractiveness for investment from outside. Indeed, to date the village has a low birth rate, an aging population, people flow.


June 19 in the village of Uspenka a training "From conflict to negotiation." The purpose of training - to develop the participants new skills of conflict resolution. Before the beginning of the training, participants have written on a large sheet the conflicts which hinder the development of the community. Ability to resolve conflicts is the key to successful development of the organization TCP "Uspenka" and attract people active in the activities of the organization.


June 14, 2012 in Dokuchayevsk Training workshop "From conflict to negotiation." As noted by the participants of the training, today, many communities are experiencing hard times: Active community members now almost zero, program committees do not make work on a permanent basis, people in the program committees have not been updated. Have a situation where people have lost interest in public. During the training objectives were set in such a way that the participants were able to develop a conflict resolution tactics and find ways to negotiate with groups.


June 13 Minusinsk (Luhansk region) conducted training on "Creation and development of social institutions." The inhabitants of the city there is a desire to create a territorial community, whose activities would be aimed at addressing the key problems in this area. During the training, the participants discussed the main forms of organizations, approaches to creating social organizations and what problems they can solve.

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