Regional Development Agency "Donbass"

13 June 2012 coaches RDA "Donbass" conducted training on "Creating social projects aimed at addressing the territory" in Red Ray. He was held in the town's center of employment. Participants - people who have no permanent place of work. Age of participants - from 22 to 55 years. No one present was not before on such events. Participants reviewed not only the problems of the territory where they live, but also the problems that affect their own interests.

These problems were classified as follows:

  • Inadequate water supply;
  • Shortage of places in kindergartens;
  • The poor state of the roads; Lack of jobs for young professionals;
  • Unsatisfactory level of medical services;
  • Poor quality of public services;
  • The presence of dumps in the city; Insufficient number of places for families;
  • The lack of playgrounds in the city.

During the training, the participants made the first step to understanding what a project at all, what it is that it can be done.

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May 30, 2012 conducted a training on " From conflict to negotiation ." Participants choose the topic yourself, and with great interest participated in this training. The main purpose of the training - was to teach the participants ability to withdraw from conflict situations, to acquire skills in dealing with conflict, negotiate effectively and achieve positive results.

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May 28, 2012 in the village Mnogopole (Amvrosievsky District) conducted a training - " Managing social projects ." PTC "Mnogopole" is actively involved in the project, which is associated with the repair clinic (purchase of new medical equipment). Community members are actively involved in the project on its territory. Was important to educate people not only to prepare the project, but work in it, to fulfill the planned goals and objectives, to make monitoring of qualitative and quantitative results.

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May 25, 2012 in Dokuchaevsk and 16 May in the village of Rassipnaya were trained on the topic " Creating a project aimed at solving social problems. " This subject was due to interest community leaders in preparing and implementing projects that address current local issues.

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Training on "Management of Social Projects" for active citizens of the city was held in Torez May 29 . Training participants have previously written projects, and now they needed information from the management of their projects. As participants spoke of their expectations: "I want to know how to manage the project?", "What does it take to successfully implement the project," "I would like to learn about the experiences of people who have already implemented projects"

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