Regional Development Agency "Donbass"
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17.05.2012 in Miusinsk was conducted a training "Creating of practical territorial community. Diagnostics of the territory" School was chosen by the place for the meeting. This choice was not accidental. As explained the director of the School, Gorozhankina I.: "The school is a center not only of education but also the center of communication between children, parents, residents, members” The training participants were school teachers, secretary of the city council, the deputy mayor, deputies, active citizens. From the very beginning of the training was visible interest of the participants. They actively participated in an interactive discussion on the relationship between government and citizens. Participants noted that the most pressing questions were about the interaction between citizens and government, the role of nongovernmental organizations - regional communities in addressing the problems of city residents

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16.05.2012 in the town Torez was conducted a training "OSMD". This training has been very important for the city. At the training discussed in detail steps to the creation OSMD, it features, advantages and disadvantages.

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May 11, 2012 in Dokuchaevsk was conducted a training on " Development of social projects ." The main objective of the training – to develop participant`s skills to work with the formulation of problems and tasks in a project, as well as planning for the expected results of the project. The main element of the project was to discuss the initiatives that involve the participants to realize projects in the city, namely the repair of schools and kindergartens! In general, participant`s work on training were successful and helped them acquire skills in the development of social projects and problem analysis.

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April 12, 2012 in Krasny Luch (Lugansk region) was held a training "open space "Future searching: the territorial community, as a tool for development of the territory."

The event was a discussion and work in groups to reach an understanding that the key problem area can be solved by combining practical territorial residents in the community. The event was attended by 93 people.

Among them were representatives of the town of Krasny Luch and cities, its member Minusinsk, Vakhrusheva, Peter and towns Shterovsky, Zaporozhye, Knyaginovka, Sophia, Khrustal'nensky. Age of participants ranging from 17 to 58 years.

Participants joined in the group, which worked on the following problems: insufficient supply of drinking water, destroying an architectural monument, the problem of employment of students, children drinking in the mining towns, poor physical development of pupils, the danger posed by a large number of stray animals, high tariffs for the population water supply, poor road surfaces. As a result, the participants formulated the following steps to create a community for the solutions of these problems.

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5 April 2012 in the village Mnogopole   was carried out the second part of the training of home economics, "The role of financial tools to plan the family budget." During the training participants to consider the needs of families in different cycles of existence, to get acquainted with the various financial instruments, to develop strategies to reduce the expenditure side of the family.

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