Regional Development Agency "Donbass"
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 March 29 in the village Mnogopole (Amvrosievsky district), was held training "Forming a team in the organization" with the communities "Mnogopole", "Chervonoselskoe", "Volodarskoe". The purpose of this training was: mobilizing the collective potential of communities to develop the capacity of their organizations in the development of skills within the organization work towards a common goal, building on the mutual setting.

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29.03.2012 in the village Uspenka was held training "Creating social projects aimed at solving social problems," During the training, participants identified key issues of their village. Among these problems, the participants chose three for the development of projects. All projects related to the physical development of the villagers of all ages, "Creating a children's playground in the village", "Repair of the sports hall in the village school," "In a healthy body, healthy mind - gym equipment."

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28 March 2012 in Krasny Luch in the framework of the project "Overcoming poverty through improving the environment and community members to strengthen the influence of communities" (with financial support from the Swedish Centre for Cooperation) and the "development of local communities in the Lugansk and Donetsk regions" (with financial support from CH.S . Mott) conducted a training seminar "Partnership Company Krasny Luch, Lugansk region and the regional Development Agency" Donbass ".

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March 22 at the Information Center of Regional Development Agency "Donbass" in Debaltsevo was conducted training "Home Economics". The training was attended by permanent members of the APP training "Donbass" and people, which they invited. Unfortunately, not all of them were motivated. Someone came out of curiosity, others for spending free time.

Most participants were of retirement age. Their expectations may be expressed in one sentence: "I want to learn something new for themselves in the field of family budget." During the training, participants performed structured exercises. Their work did not differ from other participants of the trainings.

Difficult moment in the conduct of training that not all participants were willing to go all the training, hurrying home for various reasons, which is hindered and distracted the training of participants who remained.

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During 2011 in Debaltsevo practical territorial communities did not become the subjects of management of their areas of residence. Ordinary citizens have not seen in the community the effective assistance in solving their problems. Thus, there were serious concerns about the future of the project in the city Debaltsevo. And this was due to the need for a round table entitled " Summary of the project ." Representatives of the practice of territorial communities "Dawn", "Together", "Partners", "Cheryomushki", "Railway." The main reason for failure, according to the present is the lack of leaders in the territories, which could lead people. Necessary to carry out measures to revitalize communities.

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