Regional Development Agency "Donbass"

In April 2013 the activists of the territorial communities of three cities of Donetsk region Zhdanovka, Torez, Dokuchaevsk were trained on fundraising. Immediately after training for two weeks participants have been able to apply the skills gained during the training. So Zhdanovka, was organized and conducted by students of the school of Arts benefit concert, in which it was collected 760 UAH. In Tores involving students at the school number 18 was held a street rally to raise money to repair the school gym. During the campaign has collected 596 UAH.


April 4, 2013 training for rural local communities "fundraising" was held . It was attended by villagers Mnogopolle, Agronomichnoe, Grabskoe and Chervonoselskoe. Subject of training was very relevant to them. In the villages there are many problems, but due to the fact that the village council did not have the means to solve them, the farmers are forced to seek the funds themselves.


In March 2013 the coaches APP "Donbass" within the project "Development of the organizations on the basis of territorial communities in Lugansk and Donetsk regions" in Tores were held three training sessions designed to develop the skills to create social projects that promote problem-solving areas. They were attended by representatives of territorial communities, directors, head teachers, teachers of 17 schools Torez, Methodist Urban Resource Center.



 In February and March 2013 in the framework of the project "Development of organizations on the basis of territorial communities in Luhansk and Donetsk regions" in Torez experts Regional Development Agency "Donbass" held a training course on the creation of social projects. It was attended Methodist City Instructional Center, directors, head teachers and teachers of schools, grammar schools and high schools.



February 19-20, 2013 for members of the Regional Development Agency "Donbass" Training workshop "Raising funding from local sources". This training was made possible through the participation of the RDA "Donbass" in the voucher program to support the institutional capacity of NGOs, held in the framework of the «Unite for reform» (UNITER), which is funded by the NGO "Initiative Centre for Activity and development of the public initiative "Union".

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