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December 15, 2011 for members of practical territorial community " Uspenka " was conducted the training in the information center in the village Uspenka, Because the training were used different methods of working with participants, we got more efficiently process of training.

In their expectations participants said:

o «I want to know about the behavior that undermines confidence";

o «Get practical skills in communication";

o «How to make communication more efficient";

o «Learn to speak even unpleasant to you people";

o «Learn how to properly complete, transfer the information";

o «What is the technique of active listening and how to use it in communication";

o «What determines the quality of communication";

o «I want to develop the skills of effective communication."

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December 14, 2011 in the village Mnogopillya was conducted training " Effective Communication ".

Subject of training was not chosen by chance. Most participants said: "The theme is relevant to the villagers, because now we need to outreach to sales of products, employment and others. But the villagers did not have the skills to "correct" communication. Very important were the practical exercises performed by the participants, as individually and in small groups.

Participants were able to play the real situation, to consider various options for the behavior of the heroes of situations, discuss the most effective of them. The importance of training information is obvious. As said by the participants: "Rural residents desperately needed directly such training. Because nobody that does not teach either at school or at work »

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