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Founded: 1838

Debaltsevsky City Council - 52 214 people.

City Debalcevo - 30,246 people.

Svetlodarsk City Council - 13 184 people.

City Svetlodarsk - 13,184 people.

Myronivsky village council - 8784 people.

settlement Myronivsky - 8784 people.



Total: 2 city (2 City Council), including 1 towns, one village (1 village council).

The population density -1411 people. / Sq km, 37 sq km area

Birth rate - 7.5 per 1,000

people mortality - 17.1

natural decline - 9.6

net migration is negative (-2.2 per 1,000).



• The railway junction

• Engineering (Debaltsevsky repair plant metallurgical equipment)

• Myronivsky plant concrete structures

• Debaltsevsky building materials plant

• Factory production of fuel dispensers

• Bakeries (Myronivsky and Debaltsevsky)

• Vuglegirska TPP and TPP Mironovskaya

Emissions in 2003, the air pollution sources of the city - 117.8 thousand tons.

The unemployment rate - 5.6%.

Social sphere

2 hospitals (465 beds, 100 doctors, 360 paramedics), 16 kindergartens, 8 secondary schools and 3 evening one boarding school (4200 students, 240 teachers), 2 Palace of Culture: Railway and named the 40th anniversary of the Komsomol, a music school ,, 2 Stadium, Palace of Sports "Lokomotiv", a sports complex, "we", Children and Youth Sport School (CYSS), library, museum (since 1966), House of Pioneers, a center for young technicians. At the city agrees to comply with the APP Donbass project was initiated and set up six regional communities, "Cheryomushki", "Ryazan", the m-not "Central" TCP "Together", not on M-TCP October "Partner" TCP " Dawn ", not on M-East Title" Progress " In communities of interest can be traced to the implementation of social projects, such as one of the solutions to the problems areas. But for all the interest and press accounts of only two communities TCP "Cheremushki" and PTS "Together" 72% of the leaders surveyed PTAs support the development programs of local initiatives. As priorities of the local initiatives of community leaders called: - The development of entrepreneurship, business growth. (43%) - Increased professionalism in the management of the city. (43%) - Improving the environment. (43%) - Development of the industry (29%) - Improving the quality of life. (29%) - Provision of social stability, support of the poor. (29%)

Title Debalcevo city leaders believe that the city budget to allocate funds first need to address the following key issues:
- Improving health care (43%)

- Support for school - (43%)

- Environmental issues (water quality, air) - (43%)

- Improvement of urban areas - (43%)

- The content of public transport, roads - (29%)

- Maintenance of Public Order - (29%)

- Contents of urban housing - (14%)

- Help the poor - (13%)

Separately been observed, such problems as:

• Passivity youth and the general public;

• Lack of recreational facilities, playgrounds and places of entertainment for children on the outskirts of town

• Availability kopanok north-eastern outskirts of the city While there is a lack of monitoring information, the inability and unwillingness to use it.

Neighborhoods and the city

• Area "Central" covers the central part of the city. Here are the basic administrative agencies - the city council and the executive committee, the police department, the city center of communication, and others. Also here is the train station and locomotive depot Debalcevo-Passenger (PM-14).

• District "Cheremushki" is located in the west of the city. Built in the 70's to the draining of the swamp. Consists of four-and five-storey apartment blocks. At the district is Debaltsevsky branch Artemovsky Railway College, secondary school № 4, kindergarten № 4, branch "Oschadbank." Around the neighborhood is otdelencheskaya Hospital Art. Debalcevo.

• Village them. Ryazantsev - Common name - "Ryazan". Named in honor of the Civil War hero FA Ryazatseva. Located in the south-east Debalcevo. Its territory Highway passes Znamenka-Lugansk-Izvarino. Development - the private sector. Here is comprehensive school № 2. Natural boundary to the east is Solyonaya.

• The factory village - one of the oldest areas of the city. Was founded in the late nineteenth century with the mechanical plant. In Soviet times, was ennobled and landscaped. Is built up of two and five-story buildings. Zavadsky village located on the City Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, Center for Culture and Recreation (formerly the DC plant), Department of Ukrtelecom, the city fire department, a kindergarten and a stadium "Vanguard". 

• Village them. Tolstova - eastern edge of the city. Named in honor of A. Tolstoy, Soviet writer, who in "The Frosty Night" described the events at the station Debalcevo during the Civil War. Consists of individual buildings. This area is the Central City Hospital and the Hill of Glory.

• District "East" - one of the "youngest" of the city. Zastrow typical five-story buildings. According to the project as a result of the expansion was to merge with their neighborhoods. 50th anniversary of the victory, but with the decline of the construction failed. Here is the number one school, nursery school, vocational school. On the "East" was a pilot project of heating - built electric boiler.

• Village them. Konyayeva bears the name of the hero of two revolutions N. Konyayeva, which on 28 December 1917, was gunned down on the station platform art. Debalcevo. Buildings - the private sector. Stretches along the railway. Here is the city bakery, as well as the drive-5.

• District them. 50th anniversary of victory - an area of ??mixed development. Multi-storey buildings on the north of the area into the private sector. North-eastern end of Debalcevo. Closely related to the adjacent railway companies. There are secondary school number 6, a kindergarten, voenizirovanaya protection Donetsk railway. Stopping point «I area."

• District "Festival" is located in the north of the city. Built up with apartment blocks. Young area Debalcevo. There are many businesses Railway (car shed screening, asphalt plant, PMS-9, weather station, a sports complex "We" stopping point "Wheel" and "meteorological".

• Village "8 March" - adjacent to the railway settlement. One of the more distal areas. Northern edge of the city. The private sector. Here is the school № 7, kindergarten KRMZ. • Village October - the north-eastern outskirts of the city. Most remote from the center of town. Things to do when limited branches to Chernukhin and Luhansk, and highways. Here is the locomotive depot Debalcevo-Screening (PM-10).


• House of Science and Technology wagon depot (street Kalinin)

• City center of culture and recreation (street Factory)

• Club "The Builder" (street of Cosmonauts)

• The House of Culture (Myronivsky village, Lenin str.)

• Train station (a monument of architecture of XIX century)

• Monument to soldiers-internationalists (Sovetskaya St.)

• Monument to the liberators from the Nazi invaders (Central Square)

• Monument to the heroes who died in the Great Patriotic War (the village factory)

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