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A city in Ukraine, Donetsk region, 14 km from the railway station Elenovka.


 The city is named in honor of Vasily Dokuchaev, famous geologist and soil scientist, the founder of the Russian school of soil science. Before 1954, the village was called Yelenov Career. Founded in 1898 as a mining town Yelenov Careers in connection with the production of limestone and dolomite for Petrovsky (Enakievo) smelter.

Located 14 km from the railway station Elenovka that defined his first name. Transformed into the city in 1954, the name was in honor of Dokuchayevsk Russian scientist Dokuchaev.

Covers an area of ??7.8 square meters. km, of which 93% of the built-up. Per inhabitant 36 square meters. m greenery.

The average temperature in January is -6,6 ° C, in July +21,9 ° C. Annual rainfall 541 mm.

The population of 24.6 thousand people. Quantitative composition is constantly changing with the sharp downward trend in population.

Birth rate - 8.4 per 1,000 people,

the mortality rate - 18.2,

wastage - 9.8,

net migration is positive (4.0 per 1000).


Dokuchaev City Council - 24600 people.

• City Dokuchayevsk - 23 718chel.

• Clear village - 882 people.

 Only one city (1 city council), 1 settlement.

Practical territorial communities:





Europe's largest Dokuchaevsky flux-dolomite combine (including 4 pit crushing and three processing plants, one kiln dolomites) building materials (reinforced concrete), transport enterprises, organize the production of mineral wool. There is also a zoo with attractions. Former collective farm named after Kalinin, State Farm "Dokuchaevsky." Emissions in 2003, the air pollution sources of the city - 8.3 thousand tons. The unemployment rate - 4.6%. The structure of employment young people aged 15-28 years was 28% and 25.5% pensioners.

Among employed retired pensioners of age account for 37% and the remaining pensioners on benefits, 29% and 14% of persons with disabilities, including the mining industry pensioners 26.3% -23.1% in the construction, manufacturing 16%. There aging workforce working trades. The average monthly salary in 2009 - 2563 hryvnia. (Increase from core business and adminpersonala DFDK, Nord-formation, Danko-insulator) Actual average income per capita, 1000grn.

The services sector in the city is very poorly developed.

In the city, located 135 private grocery stores



9 pre-school, 8 schools (5000 students, 260 teachers), 2 College, School of Music



Hospital (160 beds, 62 doctors and 161 paramedics).

Major diseases that cause mortality:

• cerebral arteriosclerosis;

• coronary heart disease;

• hypertension;

• tuberculosis.

In the city, there is medical and health sanatorium DFDK, in p.Yuzhny functioning pediatric treatment and preventive sanatorium for impaired children in Donetsk region.




The Palace of Culture, the stadium, 8 libraries, park and zoo supported DFDK Dokuchaevsk attraction is a geological nature monument of local importance - cave Dokuchaevsk. The city has a zoo Key issues (according to the residents):

-unemployment (expected mass reduction DFDK .1000 people iz3288 people.)

-reluctance to learn and be competitive in the labor market Legal illiteracy

-low level of culture

-passivity of the population, and indifference to their own health

-poor water (as water quality and the state of water supply, as well as their absence on the outskirts of the city) substandard, utilities (heating and condition of houses.)

-Negative habits (especially teenage alcohol and drug abuse) Undeveloped-personal services (HCS, laundries, dry cleaners, nurses, nurse, etc.)

-passive attitude to old age.

When talking to members of PTAs, we saw that the common people do not believe that their vote for someone important, are surprised that they can create their own organization, "have the right" to participate in local government.

They are faced with the following challenges:

• have the skills of self-expression, listening to others, conflict resolution, consensus building

• It is difficult to take responsibility

• lack of perseverance and time

• uncertainty about the role of civil society.

• After a long period of dependence, people still have a fear of authority. MPs and especially local officials are experiencing the same difficulties as the locals, but as officials, they have their own unique challenges:

• They are confident in their own role. Very few of them are starting to realize that it is they have to provide public services for all, and not "act as a power"

• They do not trust the public initiatives. They do not know what to make of these initiatives and how to collaborate with people and organizations The above mentioned common problems and residents, and government officials, and officials in Dokuchayevsk lead to extremely slow formation of partnerships between normal people (and organizations created by them), and decision makers.


City Council -


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