Partner territory - Zhdanovka
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Located on the southern side of the main watershed of Donbass, 8 km from the railway station Nizhnekrynka on road Donetsk Millerovo. Included in Gorlovskaya-Enakievskaya agglomeration. Subject to settlement and the settlement Olkhovka Young Miner.


Practical territorial communities:



13.688 thousand inhabitants (2001) with the territories subordinate city council 14.793 inhabitants. Ukrainian language according to the census in the home uses 11.9% of the population. The population at the beginning of 2004 - 13.2 thousand people. Birth rate - 6.9 per 1,000 people, the mortality rate - 16.2, wastage - 9.3, net migration is negative (-10.1 per 1,000 people). story


The first settlement on the site of the city was founded in 1924 with the development of the coal industry. Before 1966, the village was named after the New Zhdanovka.


Since 1966 - the city with the modern name. In the city were forced labor camps, where prisoners were built the first high-rise residential buildings.



Coal production (AP Mine "Zhdanov" and GOAO Mine "Zuevskaya" Gorgia "Oktyabrugol", LLC "EksimEnergo TEK") - coal production in 2003 - 1048 tons.


More than 70% of employment in the economy are working in the industry. Industrial output - 119 million hryvnia (for 1 person - 8412 UAH.).


The index of industrial production - 60.0% in 2003 to 1990. Emissions in 2003, the air pollution sources of the city - 23.5 thousand tons.



City budget revenue in 2004 amounted to 4 525.7 thousand hryvnia, are transferred to the state budget of Ukraine 350.0 thousand hryvnia. Exports of goods in 2003 - 8.3 million.


Foreign direct investment in 2003 - 7.3 million. The volume of services produced in 2003 - 1.2 million hryvnia. The unemployment rate - 4.6%.


The average monthly salary in 2003 - 646 hryvnia.


 Social sphere

The city has a temple of the Assumption and the Church of St. Andrew (previously was adapted in the room, and December 13, 2011 consecrated the newly built temple), created a convent. 4 schools (1600 students), 3 kindergartens (400 children), 2 libraries, club. From May 2010. started covering the local computer network with Internet access, a branch of the "Nat-Khanzhenkova" On the territory of Zhdanovka placed two mines - "Zhdanov" and "Zuev."

There are more: Church of the Assumption of Our Lady, created a convent 4 schools, Three kindergarten 2 libraries, club.







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