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Torez (Fr. Thorez) - a city of regional significance in the Donetsk region, located in the eastern Donbass; 82,900 inhabitants (2009).

Torez founded in 1770th pp. as a settlement called Alekseevka (from 1840 - Oleksiyevo-Leonov, from 1857 to 1964 - Chistyakov), which was part of Taganrog district area of the Don (Russian Empire). Getting coal industry in Torez falls on the 1860's, its significant growth in the 1900s and later in the 1930's. Torez became a city in 1932.


The municipality was formed in 1778 as a small settlement near the confluence Sevostyanovky and Orlova (pool Mius) runaway serfs from different provinces. In 1800 in the settlement Alekseevka, founded by Lieutenant General Leonov population 225 people. Since 60-ies of the XIX century - the center of coal mining. Since the second half of the XIX century settlement was known by the name of the owner Chistyakov estate - Taganrog merchant Chistyakov. In 1875 formed Chistyakovskaya Mining Company, in the north of the current Toreza then worked mine "Naklonna" and "Gallery" and Alekseevskoe Mining Company (since 1907 renamed "Hope").

In 1909, Chistyakovskaya mountainous area produced 4,700 thousand tons of coal in 1916 - 76 800 thousand tons of coal. In 1924, Chistyakovskaya mountainous area were 142 towns, lived here 44,679 people. In 1932 the village was given city status. In 1933 established trust "Chistyakivvuhillya" that combines 10 coal mines, stone career. In 1940 established three district councils of Chistyakov (now eliminated): Red Star South team Station Chistyakov Today Torez - a small town, a center of the coal industry in Ukraine.

Population of about 80 thousand people, and the average density of population - 781 persons per square kilometer. July 16, 1964 Chistyakov Torez renamed in honor of the French political leader Maurice Thorez. Torez and to this day continues to develop the hard coal industry.

City living and changing, and with it change and its inhabitants. But one thing remains unchanged. Torez, confirming his name, just gives the country a ton of high-quality fuel, thereby bringing light and warmth to the homes of inhabitants of Donetsk region and the entire country. Torez delegation Saur Grave As of 01.01.2010, the population of the city of Torres was 82.9 thousand people. Compared with January 2009, it decreased by 813 persons. In 2009, 770 persons were born. Died 1605 people., Including children aged 1 year - 13.

Natural population in 2009 was 835 people. The number of marriages in 2009 was 505, the number of divorces - 261. The main cause of population decline remains its natural decline (in 2009, exceeding the number of deaths over births by 2.1 times). In 2009, the observed migratory population growth. Arrive in the city was a 21 person more than departures. Number of immigrants permanently reduced by 1.1%, departures - decreased by 20.2% compared with migratory movement 2008. [2]

Transportation and Telecommunications

City Center (crossroads. Pioneering and Nikolayev)

Bus (str Popovic)

Neighborhood number 4

Torez has an extensive network of internal and external communication. The city labor 18 public transport routes. Close ties with located near the cities of Snow and the miners. From the bus station (street Popovich) made ??regular flights to Donetsk, Kharkiv, Amvrosievka, Lugansk, Zaporozhye, Kirov. Torez located on highway N-21 Starobelsk - Lugansk - Red Ray - Donetsk. Rail Torez serve three railway stations: Torez (str Vokzalna) Placer (alluvial Village) Pelahiyivka (village Pelahiyivka) City bus transport Telecommunications

Television: TV channel «TTV»;

Torez Tower (owned Concern RRT).

Communication and the Internet:

working in a network of all national mobile operators; Torez shop due FDI "Ukrtelecom" (telecommunication services and broadband); Unit production and technological communication DP "Torezantratsit" (local telecommunications services); several ISPs.

Economy and Finance

In 2009, the city's enterprises exported goods worth 13,139.5 thousand. USA. In per capita total exports amounted to 156.8 dollars (for comparison - in the snow - 40.5 USD., Shahtarsk - 14.5 dollars.). Imports amounted to 658.8 thousand dollars. USA.



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