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  1. Regional Development Agency, Upper Silesia, Katowice (Poland)
Agencies signed an agreement on cooperation and exchange of scientific and economic information. Agency entered into an agreement to represent the interests of Polish and Ukrainian sides in their regions. Agency shall exchange experiences in the field of regional development, organize and conduct training and exchanges of experts.

2. International Institute of Marketing, communications and entrepreneurship, Brno (Czech Republic)
The parties signed a memorandum on cooperation and development and implementation of the joint Czech-Ukrainian project "Communicative city and regional development". The Parties shall exchange experts and translated books and articles devoted to the establishment of a free flow of information between local authorities and the public at large.

Partners conducted joint analytical project "The future of old industrial regions Regine on the example of Donbass (Ukraine) and Upper Silesia (Poland): opportunities and obstacles". The parties continue to get started, jointly developed international project "The future of old industrial regions in Europe".

4. Donetsk national university, "International Economics" (Ukraine)
According to the agreement between the parties, the Agency for Regional Development "Donbass" acts as a branch of the department "International Economics" Donetsk national university, organizes and manages the internship senior students of the university in regional development and project management.

5. Donetsk national academy of management
The parties have developed educational programs for regional development and planning, as well as collect and process practical material that can be used in the classroom.

6. People's Fund, Moscow (Russia)
The Parties shall cooperate in developing an international project "School of Public Initiatives", Which focuses on the development of social movements and NGOs in eastern Ukraine. Moscow partner provides educational materials and provides professional training workshops.

7. Frankfurt University. Goethe (Germany)
The parties concluded an agreement on the organization of the German Agency for training graduate students in Ukraine and University Search University of the German partners to the Agency. It was carried out joint research projects and created a portrait of the region.

8. Masarika University, Brno (Czech republic)
The parties concluded an agreement on cooperation in the exchange of graduate students, information on research and mutual participation of institutions in international conferences. Supposed translation of literature on regional development and communications.

9. Improvement management education Consortium in Ukraine (CEUME), Kyiv (Ukraine)
The Agency has concluded an agreement on the distribution and support programs of the Consortium to promote management education to prepare future business leaders and experts in management in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Placed in the Agency regional office of the Consortium.

10. Carol Adametskoho Economic Academy in Katowice (Poland))
The parties entered into an agreement to implement the strategic intentions of the parties on the preparation and implementation of joint research and teaching projects for modernization of systems at different levels of regional administration.

11. Lviv Institute of Management and distance learning systems in Ukraine (UDL)
Agreement on joint programs and courses on the basis of the Agency, on cooperation with LiMom and UDL, and their distribution in the region.

12. Municipal Development Agency of Warsaw (Poland)
Partner Agencies in the framework of the Ukraine-Polish project "Development strategies of local development in Ukraine on the Polish experience" regarding the participation of Polish experts in training and development strategies of local development pilot areas.

13. FISE (Foundation for Social and Economic Initiatives, Poland)
The implementation of the Ukraine-Polish project "Academy of local development" for representatives of local authorities, business community and NGOs

14. Municipal Development Fund boars (Poland)
Partner Agencies in the framework of the Ukraine-Polish project "Support tools rozvyku entrepreneurship in industrial areas. Creation of business incubators" on the participation of Polish experts in training and consulting for institutional support.

15. Donetsk Regional State Employment Center.
Implementation of training for the unemployed who want to become entrepreneurs and consulting support their activities.

16. CEE Citizens Network
The mission of the Network of citizens of central and eastern Europe - to encourage collaboration in Central and Eastern Europe and provide opportunities for first steps learning and sharing experiences and ideas.
The main purpose of the network-to ensure democracy through public participation. Democracy can withstand the test when there are practices that are mutually reinforced, and faith in the free public cooperation. These practices are completely new in Central and Eastern Europe, so they need to stimulate and encourage. Experience a free civil cooperation achieved over the past few years the citizens of Central and Eastern Europe should be distributed among these countries. This experience should divide the people who encouraged the cooperation of citizens. Promotion potential of public cooperation through information dissemination is vital, because the use of useful features and approaches of cooperation in different countries are the basis for multiplying and bringing much of the population in each country.
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