History of organization
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The idea of Agency creation came into being in 1993 when relations of Ukrainian specialists with partners from Poland, Russia, USA, EU countries regarding the development of democracy, transitive processes that began to occur in countries with planning and administrative economy were developed. At that time seminars and conferences on regional aspects of restructuring the industrial economy of Donetsk region was held.

In April 1997 a non-profit community organization Regional Development Agency "Donbass" was created.

Supported by the International Fund "Renaissance" and Stefan Batory Foundation (Poland) the Agency launched its first international project "The Future of old industrial regions."

During the implementation of certain projects, the Agency carried out research in the Donetsk region, initiated the polls residents of certain towns and mining towns of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

In its activities the Agency "Donbass" pays great attention to and will continue to be given to practical aspects of the processes of civil society and business education in the region.


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